Friday, April 11, 2014

Inspiring Blogger Award!

I was so happy when I got nominated for the Liebster Award. Now I got nominated for another award and that's the 'Inspiring Blogger Award.' I got nominated by the lovely and beautiful Abby on her blog: The Sight of My Life (You guys should check her out!).
The rules are simple
Link the person who nominated you
List the rules
 Share seven facts about you
Nominate 15 blogs other blogs and let them know they have been nominated.

~Seven Facts About Me~
1) I have seven piercings: four on my left ear and three on my right.
2) I'm Kleptophobia (basically the fear of someone stealing your things)
3) I know how to play the flute
4) I have never been on a plane
5) When I need to pee my bum tingles
6) I love love love reading fanfictions. Especially if it's yaoi HAHA.
7) I choked on a peanut and somehow it got into my lungs. I almost died. 

15 Nominees

Hope you beauties have fun with this and I can't wait to read your responses! :)
Till next time lovelies~


  1. Awww Aisha you're too cute!! Thank you for nominating me! Will post it very soon! I haven't seen this until now when I came to comment and tell you that I tagged you to do the beauty tag! Head on over to To check it out! :) xx

    1. Oh thanks Karine for tagging me! I'll check it out<3
      No problem! Can't wait to see your post soon =)!

  2. Thanks for nominating me! I always like hearing random facts about people! :)

    1. No problem Makayla :)! Can't wait to see yours!!

  3. Oh my gosh thanks for the nomination again! <3
    and i'm glad that the peanut didn't hurt you 'cause the world would then be short of an amazing person :) <3


  4. I love this article keep it up hope I will won award for my indian movie blog

  5. Hey Hey Hey! Thanks for nominating me! Also, I had no idea that the fear of someone stealing your things had a medical name to it. I am very protective of my things (only child, haha). And how on earth did a peanut get it your lungs!? Congrats on getting this award yourself!


    1. Yeah same here! Oh I was eating peanuts and my cousin made me laugh and I choked into it, the biological view point is that my epiglottis wasn't covering my respiratory tract, and when the peanut got into it, it somehow made its way to my lungs... LOL


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