Monday, April 7, 2014

March Favourites!

Seriously where are the days going? One minute it's March now it is April! Well since it's April you know what that means... March Favourites!
This post is another short one only because I barely used any new products! This monthly favourites are a bit diverse because most of these items rarely fall under beauty, but that's okay! Your favourite things don't have to be beauty. It could be food, clothes, drinks, shows etc.
St.Ives Green Tea Scrub - $8
St.Ives Green Tea Cleanser - $6
As mentioned in my review for these two products they are the absolute bomb dot com.
They smell so heavenly, they get rid of acne and redness, also they are pretty cheap!
St.Ives' products will always be my favourites!
I'm enjoying their combination together! It works well on my skin leaving it feeling fresh and clean!

Glysomed Hand Cream - $2
I owned this for a long time actually and I'm just starting to use it again.
I got this when it was on sale. I thought it would be great to try it out since most of my friends recommended it to me.
I'm starting to re-love this product! The way it feels on my hand is incredibly soft and makes me want to rub my hands together all day! LOL. 
It doesn't really have a scent, although my brother begs to differ. 
I just love the way it feels and besides nobody wants to have dry hands! 

Multi-Diamond Circle Earrings from Ardenes - (part of  the 3 for $10)
 I find myself wearing these every time I go out!
I just love the way it looks and the fact that it's multi-diamond gives it an elegant look to it!
Super easy to pair it with any of my outfits and doesn't stand out too much when I tie my hair in a pony tail or bun.

Green Plaid - AEO $16
This is basically my go to cover on/cardigan whatever you want to call it!
I know this isn't really a cardigan but I wear it like it is one.
It's starting to get a tad bit warmer and I really like to wear something light and this is what I settle for.
I remember the first time I saw this I had to buy it.
It pretty much finds its way to be part of my outfits here and then!
I probably wore this over 20x in the month of March!

Have A Nice Day Planner/Journal - Gift
I was cleaning out my drawer and I found this. 
This was given to me on one of my birthdays from Michelle D and Patrick I believe. I may be wrong though.
When I found this I thought to myself: "maybe its a good idea to write things down."
I was really disorganized in the week that I found this journal and ever since I've written in it I became organized and a lot more enthusiastic about school.
(to be quite honest this semester totally sucks and I'm not doing well in it but I'm getting back on my feet).
I'm carrying this journal everywhere I go and I write all my ideas in it!
Despite its obnoxious smiley faces plastered in each page and of course the cover I kind of like it.
Reminds me that I should still smile, no matter what. (I know, cheesy eh?). 

All Bran Honey Nut Bar - Superstore $9(pack of 24)
I have literally been munching on these ever since I got it!
It's so delicious and it's healthy for you which makes it a bonus!
I absolutely adore the "All Bran" line from Kellogg's. 
Oh and I guess fibre is cool too. I mean a healthy colon is a happy person... Right?

I saved my absolute favourite for last!
Ever since I finished playing Stick of Truth I find myself watching South Park episodes.
Doesn't matter if I watched the episode 10x or 20x, to me it never gets old.
Gosh, bless Trey and Matt for making this show. 
I love how they don't have a limitation on what they make fun of.
That's what makes the show genuine and awesome.
I hope y'all enjoyed this post! 
I know it's doesn't focus on beauty but really I didn't have time to try out the new things I bought! 
Hopefully some of the products that I bought last month will make it to my April Favourites!
Till next time lovelies


  1. Ahh how weird!! I watched South Park for the first time in YEARS in March!!! Great minds :)

    1. South Park is amazing! I only started getting back into the show this month! I always enjoyed SP :)

  2. I'm always looking for a good, cheap lotion for my dry hands! Where did you get that one?

    1. Glysomed is great! I got it at my local store: Superstore =)


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