Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mini Purchase!

I'm sorry I haven't been posting a lot lately. As you know I was in exam mode however I am completely done with this semester so technically my summer officially starts now! (Until summer semester starts). Anyways with all this free time I'm going to catch up on some blogging and of course catch up on all the fun my friends and I had to miss because of school! Hazah!
A week ago I went to my local market and decided to give into my impulsive need to purchase things. Here are the few goodies I picked up. It's nothing big really!
After reading and hearing a bunch of reviews/raves about this product I decided to give it a try!
Although I was a bit skeptical on this product because of the price and it was from the Fit Me collection
But now I absolutely adore this product, it's now in my daily make-up routine!
I definitely will do a review on this one!

Again this one another product that was being raved about and I thought why not.
I haven't actually tried this yet, but I'm excited to!
I always like Rimmel London products. It's always so cheap and the quality is there!

I ran out of my Nivea toner that I use in the morning so I thought maybe to try something new.
I always hear great things about Garnier, mostly because they're so pro-organic and earth friendly!
Natural things are good for your body, so why not?
I have used this toner and I'll include it in a review :)!

I needed to restock on my razors!
Ever since my brother's girlfriend told me to use men's razors I have loved it!
They're less expensive and the Hydro 5 razor blades doesn't give me razor burns!
Even though hydro is in the name, it does moisturize and keep my legs smooth!
Definitely go pick this up instead of Venus or Intuition! 
I didn't buy that much because I didn't see anything worth buying mostly because I wasn't interested and I wanted to save my money for something else :)!
Hope you guys enjoyed this post, let me know what you guys thought :D!
Cheerio my lovelies~


  1. I've never tried mens razors before!! But it makes sense that they would be amazing!! I love the fit me concealer !! It's my absolute favourite!!
    Little Beauty Blog
    Elizabeth x

    1. You should definitely try them!
      I know right, I'm doing a review on it soon =)

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