Tuesday, April 22, 2014


To change things up I decided to film my outfit of the long weekend! The editing is really bad because I am using Windows Movie Maker. (Who remembers that ancient program?). Anyways yeah, I know I'm blog binging but this is just to compensate my lack of posting!
Oh and I'm awkward in front of the camera :$.
So enjoy!

Song: Undress U - Giraffage
Saturday to Monday!

Saturday's Outfit
Black Magic
Black Floppy Hat - Winners
Black Long Cardigan - H&M
Charcoal Crop Top - H&M
Black and Silver Masquerade Print Shorts - Plen+y
Tights - XXI
Black Ankled Booties - XXI

Sunday's Outfit
School Girl Stripes
Black Cardigan - Papaya
White Tank Crop Top - AEO
Gray and White Skirt - AEO
Floral Print Tights - Unknown
Brown Vintage Loafers - XXI

Monday's Outfit
Black Toque - XXI
Black Long Cardigan - H&M
White Crop Top - H&M
Blue Floral Skirt - XXI
Black Tights - H&M
Black Ankled Booties - XXI
Thanks for watching<3


  1. Aw Aisha!
    Thank you for the super sweet comment on my blog!!!
    You're so nice!
    Ohh I love this video! You definately should do more of those!
    BTW i subscribed to your channel :)
    You're not awkward!! The more videos you make, the more comfortable you'll feel making them :)
    Love your outfits!
    Lots of love, Karine xx


    1. Thanks Karine!
      You're too kind with your compliments ^_^!
      Yeah I guess, I just haven't made any videos in a long time that's why! hahah!
      Thanks for your support, I shall return the favour<3

  2. Cute outfits.. Loving the striped skirt!

  3. Nice blog! Its really positive!! :))

  4. I know this is a style video but I just keep looking at your hair! So long! Stunning.

    Hollie x

  5. Ahhhhh I used to LOVE windows movie maker!!!! Wow..
    Fab outfits love - as always you're a fashionista!! xxx


    1. Ah thank you Jade hehe!
      I had no choice, I'm not sure which editing program I should use! So I stuck with what I know... LOL

  6. love your stripe skirt!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

    ps. there's a little $100 jewellery giveaway on my blog if you fancy a look! Click here.

  7. Love thissss! Especially Black Magic <3! Also I subscribed! :D


    1. Wahhh! You didn't have to subscribe but I'll support you too bb :*<3

  8. I know I already commented but I wanted to write back on your writer comment. I thought you were a writer because of those writing prompts you shared with us! Are you still in school for it?

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    1. I was taking creative writing courses! But I'm not pursuing to become a writer! I don't think I'll last in the writing world! I just like to write and make stories as a hobby! Something fun I like to do on my spare time :)! And they don't offer anymore crwr courses at my school! I pretty much took everything for it :(!


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