Sunday, April 6, 2014

Styling My Outfits

So sorry to Lucy because this post took a really long time to do! I want to apologize to you hun because I wasn't able to post this right away!
Anyways as requested of her in my request post I am sharing to you lovelies how I style an outfit! 
Here is an example that I will use to show you lovely people how I style my outfits.
I'm wearing just a basic White Tee that I got from H&M.
For my bottoms I wore my Boyfriend Jeans from XXI.
This outfit is easily to accessorize and make it more stylish!

For this outfit I would wear my mid rings! 
The two gold mid rings I got are from Aldo! 
These rings pretty much go with any outfits and make your fingers look awesome!
The black ring is also from Aldo and I thought I would choose a ring that stands out!
Wearing rings can add a sense of style to your outfit and it's a great accessory!

Of course I have to wear my arm candy with this outfit! Since it is so basic!
Starting with my side of the left hand I decided to wear my Michael Kors watch! 
This MK watch is so easy to wear with any outfits because the watch itself is plain and basic.
But also a bit classy!
For my right hand I just grabbed any random gold bracelets to compliment the watch and my outfit!

Here is my final outfit!
I threw on my Black Long Cardigan from H&M! 
This just adds some warmth and serve as my "coat" 
It also goes really well with my outfit because of the neutral colours I'm wearing!
I'm also wearing my Gold Chain Necklace from Value Village!
This just adds with my gold accessories!
Finally for my purse I chose my Steve Madden purse!
If you guys are wondering what shoes I would wear with this I would probably wear my White Converse or my White Keds!
The colour scheme I was focusing on was: Black, White, Blue and Gold!
What helps me style my outfit is first picking it out of course. I start from what I want to wear as my bottoms and then I pick an appropriate top to match the bottom!
Depending on the colours of my outfit is how I determine which accessories I'll wear! 
You can turn any plain basic outfit like the first picture and then make it stylish by adding bracelets, necklaces, earrings! Even the type of purse/bag you choose can make a difference!
Finally if you still feel like your outfit is lacking some style you can change it by adding a cardigan or a stylish jacket! I chose to wear my long black cardigan to add some style to it! And to keep my personality with my outfit ;)!
Don't forget you can also add hats to tie your outfits together! I find myself wearing toques or boy's caps to make my outfit reflect on who I am! 
I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I hope it was helpful? I don't really know if it did anything but this is how I style my outfits :)! 
Till next time lovelies<3


  1. Just found your blog and it's so cute! This is such a great post! New follower here :) xx

    1. Thank you for your support, love!
      I'll be sure to support you too! :)

  2. This was really helpful! Thank you Aisha =)!
    Such a basic outfit but it makes it cute because of the jewelry your wearing!
    Love it!

    1. Thanks Lucy! Glad you found it helpful!
      Again, sorry for the delay :)

  3. so cute! your accessories are too gorgeous! i love that you paired them with such a simple, casual outfit!


    1. Awe shucks Angelina :$!
      Thanks darling, too kind :)!

  4. Love that purse! cute outfit!


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