Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Make Up Powder Fix!

Over the weekend while I was getting ready I had the greatest luck ever... because this happened.
As I was getting ready I grabbed my bronzer and it slipped from my hands and fell to the ground. It shattered and I was so devastated. At first I was thinking of leaving it like this but then I remember there is a method to fix broken powder and I just want to share with all of you lovelies who don't know this wonderful method. I found this method through a friend who saw the video from Michelle Phan! Here is the link
You will need... 
-Your broken powder
-Knife(I'm using a plastic palette knife)
-Piece of napkin
-Rubbing Alcohol
-Plastic wrap.

You wanna use the plastic wrap to wrap around the powder's case.
This will prevent any loose powders from spilling and will save you the hassle of cleaning up.

I decided to film for the rest of the steps!
Song: Growing Up - Fracture Design
After you have wrapped your powder around plastic get your spoon and start breaking your powder even more.
After you think you've done enough mashing, unravel the plastic.
Pour enough alcohol to the mashed up powder. Make sure you put enough.
Mix it gently with your knife(I'm using a plastic palette knife).
When you get the nice thick consistency start smoothing it out.
When you're finished cover it with a napkin.
Place in the fridge to help it harden.

Nails of the Week
Revlon 909 - Sheer Petal
china glaze - I'm Not Lion (ring fingers)

Hope you all enjoyed this post =)!
I'll post the finished results tomorrow!

Friday, May 16, 2014

How I Style Boyfriend Jeans

I am so happy right now! I finally have internet! Over the past couple days my internet would be off and on and the past two days my internet completely stopped working. I was so sad because I have filmed a couple of videos for the respective topic days!
Anyways besides that, I have a video here for you lovelies on: "How I Style Boyfriend Jeans." Boyfriend Jeans are getting extremely popular now, well where I live. Every girl I see that are wearing jeans are Boyfriend Jeans or Skinnies. Majority of them are Boyfriend Jeans. I was amazed on how some girls styled their Boyfriend Jeans which made me do this video! Enjoy =)!
(this video was supposed to be posted on Fashion Thursdays)

Song: Splinter - Girl, You
Navy NY Baseball Cap - Lids
Purple Maroon "Boyfriend Fit" Plaid - TNA
❤ SF Shirt - (hand me down)
Light Wash Boyfriend Jeans - XXI
White Keds - Keds

Navy NY Baseball Cap - Lids
Black and White Baseball Long Sleeve - AEO(American Eagle Outfitters)
Green and White "Boyfriend Fit" Plaid - TNA
Light Wash Boyfriend Jeans - XXI
Black and White Free Runs - Nike

Black Quarter Sleeve Blazer - Stitches
Gold Lace Choker Necklace - XXI
White Sleeveless Button Up - Retimans
Gold Bracelets - H&M + Aldo
Michael Kors Watch - Michael Kors
Black Reptile Texture Purse - H&M
Light Wash Boyfriend Jeans - XXI 
Black Chunky Heels - Zara

Black Boy's Cap - (my mum's)
Gray Sleeveless Button Down - Value Village
White Crew Sweater - (my mum's)
Dirty Gold Pocket Necklace Watch - (gift)
Light Wash Boyfriend Jeans - XXI
Maroon Socks - H&M
Brown Vintage Loafers - XXI

Loose Floral Button Up - Salvation Army
Black Sleeveless Turtle Neck - Salvation Army
Midi Rings - Aldo + H&M
Light Wash Boyfriend Jeans - XXI
Black Chunky Wedges - H&M

The last outfit I named it under "myself" because that's how I usually wear my Boyfriend Jeans if there is no label to follow or anything.
Hope you lovelies enjoyed this video! 
Let me know what you thought of it   

Monday, May 12, 2014

~April Favourites~

Wow I totally forgot it was May already. That being said here is a late April Favourite post! I know I said I would try a few things and I did but most of them ended up on my "Miss List". (I still have to do a post on that!). For this month there were a few things that I really adored!
(side note: I'm planning to buy a new charger for my good camera therefore pictures like these won't show up in future post. Hopefully. For now please excuse the quality).

Black Tank Crop Top - $6 H&M
This top has been my go-to top whenever I go out.
It's just so comfortable and airy.
It goes with anything and it's super cute. 

Bought this in the middle of April with my brother's girlfriend.
It was a buy one get 50% off sale.
I've always been wanting to own a baseball cap and now I got one!
Since the weather is getting hotter and toques/beanies are out of the weather this hat
seemed like the best alternative!
I pretty much wear it when I can!

I have to say this was a good impulsive purchase.
It has a nice light colour to it.
It blends well and it feels really light.
I did a review on this, you can check it out here.

I did a close up pictures for the remaining last three favourites!

Anti-Fatigue Eye Roller, Fresh Essentials - Aveeno
I don't know the price, my mother just asked me if I wanted it.
She said she bought this just because.
(I wonder where I got my impulsive purchase habits from?)
This product is awesome because it really does brighten up the dark circles under my eyes.
I have a similar product by Aveeno that does the same thing however, it burns like a witch!
BUT this product doesn't do that!
It's very gentle and soothing. Not to mention cooling.

Eyebrow Wiz in Ebony - $27 Anastasia
I bought this in January and I never really paid attention to how awesome this product is until April.
Unfortunately I ran out of it so I couldn't swatch it on my hand or anything.
The colour is a nice deep brown. Almost close to black but not as harsh.
I used to use black eyebrow pencil but then my cousin persuaded me to use dark brown pencil.
Therefore I chose this because a lot of YouTube gurus rave/use this eyebrow pencil.
I really like the brush at the end since it evens out the intensity you just filled in. 
It is quite pricey and I don't see myself buying another one soon.
Although I really like the colour of it since it matches my hair.
I started to use this a lot in the month of April, especially when I didn't really need to wear it.
I just loved using it!

Black Ankle Strap Wedges - $26 H&M
I absolutely adore these wedges.
Whenever I get a chance to wear them, I'll strap these lovelies on my feet.
They're so comfortable and much more stable than my Zara heels.
My ankle doesn't give way whenever I'm running in them or fiddling my feet around.
They pretty much go with any outfits I wear.

That's all for my April Favourites!
Hopefully I'll have more during May!
Let me know which items you thought were interesting :)!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Crimson Water

A really short free write. When I mean free write I mean lots of grammatical errors and head tilts because of "WTF" moments(I think, who knows what goes on in my head). Here goes nothing. Oh and enjoy.

I looked at the slender tall male. His hair was a perfect mess and his green eyes were stunning as always. His lips wore a nice pink colour and his dimples were definitely the icing on the cake. This always happens. Whenever he is nearby I immediately stop everything that I'm doing just so I can take in his remarkable looks. Every detail I memorized. You can ask me anything about him and I'll be able to answer it without hesitation. An example was when my friend asked me how many times does he blink when he gets nervous, I immediately answered at least five times. My friend didn't believe me so we tested it. He blinked five times. What did we do to make him nervous? That's a secret. I saw his right hand twisting open a bottle of water. The way his fingers moved as he opened his bottle looked as if it was a potter making the final touches on his clay. He was very gentle towards the water bottle which I found was incredibly peculiar and amazing. I don't think I remember when I got this infatuated with him. Maybe it was when I saw him first ran his fingers through his hair that one time in Math class or was it when he turned around to pass me the class hand outs in English? I really can't remember but in both of those times he was smiling. A smile that I've never seen somebody wore. It was as if it was Christmas morning for him. No maybe not, maybe it is like he finally got what he wished for? Yeah, I think that's it.
I saw the same blonde haired boy as usual. This guy is not really interesting. The only reason why I pay attention to him is because whenever I manage to see the green eyed male the blonde boy is around seventy-five percent of the time. The remaining twenty-five percent is my favourite. The green eyed male was always alone and it made me very happy to know that I can stare at him without anyone distracting him. I guess it's kind of weird that I'm always referring him to the green eyed male. I only say that to calm myself down because his name is too special. I feel like if I call him by his name I will tarnish it. Everything about him is special. However it'll be confusing if I don't at least say his name once. His name is ...

OKAY LOL. I don't know where any of that came from. Maybe it was because I have been watching anime recently. Lately I've been looking for shoujo anime(rom-coms) and I guess this is where it comes from? I don't know I think my free write was creepy and 100% stalkerish.
THIS WAS ALL MADE UP BTW LOL. I wanted to give them blue and green hair but I wanted to keep it a bit realistic so. ANYWAYS YA HOPE YOU GUYS LIKED THIS OR UH THOUGHT THIS WAS NICE, I DON'T REALLY KNOW. THANKS :$.

Friday, May 9, 2014


This was when my friends and I spontaneously went to Japanese AYCE (All You Can Eat)
We were all simultaneously craving Japanese food.
The invitations were like wild fire.
The food was amazing.
Thanks to Jason S, we managed to leave empty plates!
Oh and John C too. 
I was going for Shakabra. (South Park ref)
The boys!

Here's another #FlashbackFriday
Same restaurant, same people(sorta).
Just us four who went.
I don't remember why but I guess we were hungry!

See y'all on Story Time Saturdays~

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Fashion Inspiration

I'm glad I woke up before midnight! I try my best not to miss a day from blogging. Today was my first day back in school for this Summer Semester. I was a bit tired so I decided to take a nap. A seven hour nap, hooray. Anyways today is Fashion Thursday and here I'm going to share with you all on how I started getting interested in fashion.
It was all thanks to a duo called ClothesEncounters. As of now it is only Jen who is doing it, however I got into when Jen and Sarah were doing it together! Their fashion sense was absolutely flawless to me and I was quite amaze on how they pulled off so many styles. What's even better is that most of their clothes came from their local thrift stores. This was very reassuring because the amount of items they found at thrift store gave me the courage to look and the motivation when shopping at my own local thrift store. They were also not limited to just Thrift Stores, they wore whatever they wanted and whatever they liked. That was a big goal for me to achieve because I was so worried on wearing the right clothes.With their helpful tips and watching countless of their fashion videos I found myself getting interested in fashion. (ClothesEncounters were one of the many YouTubers that made me decide to post my outfits/make up ideas).

This was the very first video that I saw from ClothesEncounters.
Anyways ClothesEncounters definitely improved over the years although I really miss Sarah, however Jen is still awesome and I love her!
That's it for Fashion Thursdays!
See you later on Relationship Fridays =)

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Today is Video Wednesday and today I decided to share a music video instead of making my own video.
Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to film anything because I got off an hour ago.
It was too late for me to film anything and edit.
For sure next Video Wednesday I'll have one filmed!
However for now enjoy this music video of Latch by Disclosure!
It's getting really popular and I usually don't pay attention to popular music now a days since they're all about drugs, sex and money.
This one was one of the many exceptions!
Anyways see you tomorrow for Fashion Thursdays<3

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

5 Basic Make Up Tips

A couple weeks ago I was on Pinterest just browsing through when I came across a pin called "30 Make Up Tips That Most People Don't Know About." Out of curiosity to see which ones would surprise me I decided to check it out. Most of the Make Up tips were already second nature to me, however there were 5 Make Up tips that I never really thought of to be so basic and easy!
(Note: The pictures that I have used in this post aren't mine!)

1) Prevent your eyeliner/tight lining from smearing/smudging at the bottom of your eyelid!
Applying your pressed powder or settling powder underneath of your bottom eyelid will prevent your eyeliner/tightlining from smearing/smudging. I myself have this problem because I don't use any waterproof cosmetics. Even when I do I still find myself having little bits of black smudges from my eyeliner.
Applying a pressed powder will prevent your eyeliner from smearing and make it stay in place!

2) Make your eyes look bigger!
We always strive to make our eyes look bigger. Whether if its getting enough sleep, making our liquid eyeliner/gel liners to be bold or by simply applying white eyeliner to the bottom of our eyelids! Something so simple can allow us to achieve one of our make up goals! I also even noticed when I was in the stage of wearing black liner, my eyes would definitely look weird and smaller. Don't believe me? Here's a picture!
You can definitely see the differences!
(If you still don't see it, try it for yourself!)

3) Concealing Dark Circles
Who really has time to sleep now a days? With our busy schedules of school, work and trying to maintain our social life sleep doesn't seem to fit in everyone's schedule. Well mine of course. Lately I have been sleeping really late and it's causing my designer eye-bags to become more expensive and definitely a lot darker. I always thought of just sweeping my concealer under my eye until I realize I was doing it totally wrong. Applying a lighter shade on the creases of those eyebags minimizes the size of your eyebags and applying the right shade of concealer on the rest of the eyebags cancels out the dark circles from your eyebags!
I definitely saw a difference since sometimes I don't always use this technique!

4) Make Your Eyelashes Pop More!
As an amateur make up lover I believe your eyelashes are the best attribute when it comes to make up. No matter what mascara you use it's worthless unless you have a good eyelash curler. If you don't you can turn that no good eyelash curler into something great! How? Easy, just heat your eyelash curler! You can heat it with your straightener or hair dryer which ever you prefer. Some people don't like this method but it definitely works. Although the issue of having something hot near your eyes is quite alarming you're just going to have to be cautious. I mean beauty is somewhat painful? I like to use the straightener because that provides direct heat. Heat allows your eyelashes to bend and curl more!

5) DIY Tinted Moisturizer
Instead of buying another cosmetic product such as BB cream or CC cream why not make your own? You'll save your wallet from crying and you'll be able to use that foundation that you've spent on! Not only that but you'll save your face from drying out. I know I have that problem. Ever since I was born I had a problem with my skin, it would get extremely dry and I would break out into my eczema. However with proper moisturizing and plenty glasses of water I managed to tame it. Anyways this DIY is very easy. What you'll need is your favourite moisturizer, your choice of foundation/concealer and your method of blending. You want somewhat of an equal amount of the foundation and moisturizer and you're going to want to mix it together. Once you got the right amount of your choice apply it on your face and especially on the driest parts! It works well =)! 
(tip: you might want to moisturize your face before this too, just to add a bit more of protection!) 

I hope you guys enjoyed Make Up Tuesdays!
Hope this was helpful and informative!
See you guys on Video Wednesdays~

Saturday, May 3, 2014


Hello lovelies!
First of all let me apologize once again. I know I made this whole announcement of having a scheduled post and don't get me wrong I was going to follow through with that plan, however my internet has been pretty crappy lately so I've been relying on my 500mb data! Despite my internet not working I also had to run errands and work so I absolutely had no time to do it earlier. I always do my post later on in the day just so I don't miss out on anything but that's when my internet usually goes wonky. Anyways enough with the explanation and let's get down to business(to defeat... the HANS! Mulan?).
Since I did miss out on Video Wednesday, Fashion Thursday AND Relationship Fridays I have combined Video Wednesdays and Fashion Thursday together! I'll be posting in a separate post for Relationship Friday, because that post contains A LOT of pictures!

Song: Time Limit - Time Wharp & Low Limit. (Remix)

Sunny Blues
Black Sunglasses with Gold Plating - H&M
Black Cardigan - Papaya
Three Layer Choker Necklace - Ardenes
Denim Sleeveless Button Up - TNA
Black Skirt - XXI
Gold Watch - Michael Kors
Rings - Aldo and H&M
Black Purse - Mom's
Black Chunky Wedges - H&M
Sports Girl
Navy New York Yankees Baseball Cap - Lids
Eagle Print Shirt - Gift
Green and White Plaid - TNA
Boyfriend Jeans - XXI
Rings - H&M and Aldo
Black Chunky Wedges - H&M
Black Purse - Mom's
I'm glad that my internet is cooperating as of this moment!
Hope you all enjoyed this OOTD!
I had two outfits because the weather here changes frequently. When I wore Sports Girl it was a bit chilly that's why I changed into Sports Girl from Sunny Blues!
Till next time lovelies<3