Tuesday, May 6, 2014

5 Basic Make Up Tips

A couple weeks ago I was on Pinterest just browsing through when I came across a pin called "30 Make Up Tips That Most People Don't Know About." Out of curiosity to see which ones would surprise me I decided to check it out. Most of the Make Up tips were already second nature to me, however there were 5 Make Up tips that I never really thought of to be so basic and easy!
(Note: The pictures that I have used in this post aren't mine!)

1) Prevent your eyeliner/tight lining from smearing/smudging at the bottom of your eyelid!
Applying your pressed powder or settling powder underneath of your bottom eyelid will prevent your eyeliner/tightlining from smearing/smudging. I myself have this problem because I don't use any waterproof cosmetics. Even when I do I still find myself having little bits of black smudges from my eyeliner.
Applying a pressed powder will prevent your eyeliner from smearing and make it stay in place!

2) Make your eyes look bigger!
We always strive to make our eyes look bigger. Whether if its getting enough sleep, making our liquid eyeliner/gel liners to be bold or by simply applying white eyeliner to the bottom of our eyelids! Something so simple can allow us to achieve one of our make up goals! I also even noticed when I was in the stage of wearing black liner, my eyes would definitely look weird and smaller. Don't believe me? Here's a picture!
You can definitely see the differences!
(If you still don't see it, try it for yourself!)

3) Concealing Dark Circles
Who really has time to sleep now a days? With our busy schedules of school, work and trying to maintain our social life sleep doesn't seem to fit in everyone's schedule. Well mine of course. Lately I have been sleeping really late and it's causing my designer eye-bags to become more expensive and definitely a lot darker. I always thought of just sweeping my concealer under my eye until I realize I was doing it totally wrong. Applying a lighter shade on the creases of those eyebags minimizes the size of your eyebags and applying the right shade of concealer on the rest of the eyebags cancels out the dark circles from your eyebags!
I definitely saw a difference since sometimes I don't always use this technique!

4) Make Your Eyelashes Pop More!
As an amateur make up lover I believe your eyelashes are the best attribute when it comes to make up. No matter what mascara you use it's worthless unless you have a good eyelash curler. If you don't you can turn that no good eyelash curler into something great! How? Easy, just heat your eyelash curler! You can heat it with your straightener or hair dryer which ever you prefer. Some people don't like this method but it definitely works. Although the issue of having something hot near your eyes is quite alarming you're just going to have to be cautious. I mean beauty is somewhat painful? I like to use the straightener because that provides direct heat. Heat allows your eyelashes to bend and curl more!

5) DIY Tinted Moisturizer
Instead of buying another cosmetic product such as BB cream or CC cream why not make your own? You'll save your wallet from crying and you'll be able to use that foundation that you've spent on! Not only that but you'll save your face from drying out. I know I have that problem. Ever since I was born I had a problem with my skin, it would get extremely dry and I would break out into my eczema. However with proper moisturizing and plenty glasses of water I managed to tame it. Anyways this DIY is very easy. What you'll need is your favourite moisturizer, your choice of foundation/concealer and your method of blending. You want somewhat of an equal amount of the foundation and moisturizer and you're going to want to mix it together. Once you got the right amount of your choice apply it on your face and especially on the driest parts! It works well =)! 
(tip: you might want to moisturize your face before this too, just to add a bit more of protection!) 

I hope you guys enjoyed Make Up Tuesdays!
Hope this was helpful and informative!
See you guys on Video Wednesdays~


  1. Thank you so much for these oh my gosh ;A; I've never known of these facts before reading this! I'll definitely being using the pressed powder idea from now on - it's horrible when the eyeliner starts to smudge :( Great post! Thank you for sharing <3
    --Kiyomi xx

    1. Aww no problem!
      Yeah I didn't know about the pressed powder!
      I use that technique everyday now and it works so much!

  2. These were great tips..thanks for the info!

  3. Amazing and helpful tips:)
    I love tip number one because my eyeliner always smudge:))

  4. tip 1 and 2 are so for me!
    great post!

    xo, Brikena


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