Saturday, May 10, 2014

Crimson Water

A really short free write. When I mean free write I mean lots of grammatical errors and head tilts because of "WTF" moments(I think, who knows what goes on in my head). Here goes nothing. Oh and enjoy.

I looked at the slender tall male. His hair was a perfect mess and his green eyes were stunning as always. His lips wore a nice pink colour and his dimples were definitely the icing on the cake. This always happens. Whenever he is nearby I immediately stop everything that I'm doing just so I can take in his remarkable looks. Every detail I memorized. You can ask me anything about him and I'll be able to answer it without hesitation. An example was when my friend asked me how many times does he blink when he gets nervous, I immediately answered at least five times. My friend didn't believe me so we tested it. He blinked five times. What did we do to make him nervous? That's a secret. I saw his right hand twisting open a bottle of water. The way his fingers moved as he opened his bottle looked as if it was a potter making the final touches on his clay. He was very gentle towards the water bottle which I found was incredibly peculiar and amazing. I don't think I remember when I got this infatuated with him. Maybe it was when I saw him first ran his fingers through his hair that one time in Math class or was it when he turned around to pass me the class hand outs in English? I really can't remember but in both of those times he was smiling. A smile that I've never seen somebody wore. It was as if it was Christmas morning for him. No maybe not, maybe it is like he finally got what he wished for? Yeah, I think that's it.
I saw the same blonde haired boy as usual. This guy is not really interesting. The only reason why I pay attention to him is because whenever I manage to see the green eyed male the blonde boy is around seventy-five percent of the time. The remaining twenty-five percent is my favourite. The green eyed male was always alone and it made me very happy to know that I can stare at him without anyone distracting him. I guess it's kind of weird that I'm always referring him to the green eyed male. I only say that to calm myself down because his name is too special. I feel like if I call him by his name I will tarnish it. Everything about him is special. However it'll be confusing if I don't at least say his name once. His name is ...

OKAY LOL. I don't know where any of that came from. Maybe it was because I have been watching anime recently. Lately I've been looking for shoujo anime(rom-coms) and I guess this is where it comes from? I don't know I think my free write was creepy and 100% stalkerish.
THIS WAS ALL MADE UP BTW LOL. I wanted to give them blue and green hair but I wanted to keep it a bit realistic so. ANYWAYS YA HOPE YOU GUYS LIKED THIS OR UH THOUGHT THIS WAS NICE, I DON'T REALLY KNOW. THANKS :$.


  1. You put great detail into it! That's one of the most important things, in my opinion, to writing a realistic story! :)


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