Thursday, May 8, 2014

Fashion Inspiration

I'm glad I woke up before midnight! I try my best not to miss a day from blogging. Today was my first day back in school for this Summer Semester. I was a bit tired so I decided to take a nap. A seven hour nap, hooray. Anyways today is Fashion Thursday and here I'm going to share with you all on how I started getting interested in fashion.
It was all thanks to a duo called ClothesEncounters. As of now it is only Jen who is doing it, however I got into when Jen and Sarah were doing it together! Their fashion sense was absolutely flawless to me and I was quite amaze on how they pulled off so many styles. What's even better is that most of their clothes came from their local thrift stores. This was very reassuring because the amount of items they found at thrift store gave me the courage to look and the motivation when shopping at my own local thrift store. They were also not limited to just Thrift Stores, they wore whatever they wanted and whatever they liked. That was a big goal for me to achieve because I was so worried on wearing the right clothes.With their helpful tips and watching countless of their fashion videos I found myself getting interested in fashion. (ClothesEncounters were one of the many YouTubers that made me decide to post my outfits/make up ideas).

This was the very first video that I saw from ClothesEncounters.
Anyways ClothesEncounters definitely improved over the years although I really miss Sarah, however Jen is still awesome and I love her!
That's it for Fashion Thursdays!
See you later on Relationship Fridays =)


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