Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Lately I've gotten a lot of comments on my hair. Majority of the comments I would get in a day were
  • "wow your hair is so long!" 
  • "your hair looks amazing!"
  • "dang your hair is so long!"
Along with the comments/compliments were followed up with questions such as
  1. How long have you been growing it?
  2. Doesn't it get in the way? 
  3. Are you planning to cut it? If so are you going to donate your hair to help those who have Cancer?
I want to make a post on how long I've been growing my hair and basically the background of me growing it. 1) I have been growing my hair ever since JULY 3, 2014. So a little more than a year. This is what I looked like.
(I got the date from the properties of this image)
On this day I got a haircut as well. 
I have been growing my hair before this haircut image ever since last summer as well!

Before my recent cut JULY 18, 2014 this is what my hair looked like!
I honestly didn't know I was growing my hair this long!
Even I'm astonished!
(Too bad I had no talent with my hands to utilize all this hair! LOL).


It's much shorter than this actually so here's an actual pic
Yeah that's how much they cut off!
Keep in mind all the hair they cut off without the ponytail ;)

2) YES! My hair was always in the way! I hated it! When it reached passed my chest I was constantly tying my hair up in high ponytails or ridiculously messy buns! Honestly I should be used to it because this isn't my first time growing my hair that long! 
I KID YOU NOT, back in elementary my mum forced me to grow my hair long to donate to the Cancer foundation for those patients who have lost their hair so they can make a wig! At first I was reluctant because growing your hair is such a pain the butt! However I pulled through and my hair actually reached my calves! I cut my hair for Confirmation(that was in grade 7). So technically I was growing my hair back then for at least 7 years(8 if you include pre-k). I am kind of fed up with long hair so I might just stick with my current length right now. Some people say it's too short but I mean, if you like it, rock it! It's you who is going to be in that lifestyle. Don't appeal to others, only to yourself.

3) As you can tell with the picture above, yes I am donating my hair to the Cancer foundation again! When the lady asked me if I was going to donate it I said yeah! (Initially I wasn't going to but then my mum the day before I told her I was going to cut my hair told me to bring it home so we can donate it again!). 

Anyways I am loving my hair right now! The only downfall it's still not long enough to curl, but it'll get there :)! Hope you enjoyed this post about my hair.
At first I wasn't going to do anything or post anything about my hair but this is the first time I've had short hair in 4 years? I thought it was pretty significant. Well... to me! 

Anyways reese's peaces<3 


How awkward. I said in my last post I'll be binge posting but that never happened. I think what happened was when I was waiting for the pictures to upload I was getting kind of sleepy? I think that day I had an 8 hour early morning shift. I was probably exhausted and fell asleep right after I posted the pictures up. ANYWAYS, before I go to sleep I wanted to do a post that I was meaning to do earlier. Like 3 weeks ago.

Usually I check my email at least everyday and I found this interesting email in my inbox! I got emailed by a man name Ondrej Winter, the founder/CEO of Fashioneto. Fashioneto is a social network website that connects people who are interested in fashion and want to share their passion and meet others who are just as passionate. It is also a website where you can purchase clothes of different styles based on the people you interact with! As of now the website is still under some construction since they are in the beta stage of developing.
At first I thought this email was sort of like a prank? However I got this feeling that I should reply which I did and I assure you all this is not a joke! This is a real website and Ondrej is a pretty cool guy! I have the opportunity to try Fashioneto and meet other people who kind of have a thing for fashion, like me! 
What I'm expecting out of this experience is to meet a variety of people who deal with their own sense of fashion and how this whole process of purchasing based on personalities and inspiration! 

I am really stoked to try Fashioneto and I am also very honoured that Ondrej personally asked me to be part of his "team." (I had no better word for that!)

I could probably go on and on about how psyched and ecstatic that I am about being part of this but I'll save it when I get to test it for myself! I'll be sure to blog about it and update you lovelies! 
When the time comes for Fashioneto to be open to everyone I hope you all take the opportunity to try it out! It looks very promising :)!

you can visit the website to learn more about him!
oh and like the Facebook page!


Thursday, July 17, 2014


Hello lovelies!
What's crack-a-lackin'?!
Today is my only day off and then starting tomorrow I'm back on my busy schedule. Lately I've been working everyday just so I can save up money for my 'murica trip! Oh and also to pay for my tuition next year. I don't know I just thought if I'm making a lot of money I might as well help my parents by paying for my own tuition AND my phone bill. (Hello independence? Just kidding, I'm probably going to live with my parents till I'm 40 LOL).
On a much more serious note I'm going to BLOG BINGE LIKE CRAZY RIGHT NOW.

Japanese AYCE and Gelato at Science World Park
Love this Gelato place! Sooooo good!
I hope you guys can see it but it has 218 flavours!
Some outrageous flavours like curry and wasabi are included!
I got Blueberry Cheesecake & Hazelnut
Forgot what my girlfriends got
Here are the attempts for a selfie in the car
Not happening...

It was a really chill night. We just ate our gelato and sat on the grass just talking, catching up.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Random Outfits?

I told you my next post would involve an outfit video. What I didn't say was that it's pretty damn random. The landscape of the videos aren't consistent and the names of the outfits I given them are kind of weird. Oh well at least I'll have more space on my phone now that three videos are gone!

Song: Moments - Giraffage

Something Girly
Tan Spring Jacket - XXI
Basic White Tee - H&M
Floral Pink n' Orange Skirt - Zara
Knock Off Birkenstock Sandals - Walmart
Retro Sunnies - XXI
Reptile Texture Purse - H&M

I don't know why I called this "Something Girly"
It was probably the skirt.

The Odd One
Black with Cream Floral Button Up - Salvation Army
Charcoal Crop Top - H&M
"Ashy" Denim Shorts - Salvation Army
Brown Vintage Loafers - XXI
Reptile Texture Purse - H&M

I really suck at explaining the article of clothes I am wearing.
Black with cream floral button up? Like say what? 
Oh and "Ashy"??? 
Oh well, at least you guys can sort of tell what I'm saying... right!?

Vintage Sun
Navy Zip Up - (My Brother's)
Gray Sleeveless Button Up - Salvation Army
Black Harem Pants - XXI
Knock Off Birkenstock Sandals - Walmart 
Retro Sunnies - XXI

I feel like this is what my mum would wear back then, I guess that's why I called it vintage.
The sun in the name was because of the weather.
(I was kind of burning if I recall)
(Why was I wearing that? I was indoors the whole day!)

I hope you lovelies enjoyed this video =)!
Ciao for now <3

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Mini Purchase #??

Sadly this will be my last mini purchase until my trip to the states in August! I am so freaking psyched for this trip because there are so many things I want to get. The only reason why I'm not buying anything anymore here is because it's cheaper! Oh and they also have way more stuff than we do!
Anyways let's get to the purchases shall we?

Rose Gold Watch - $35 Aldo
I've always been a fan of big watches.
If they're gold or silver its a plus.
If its rose gold however it's a bonus!
I have been looking everywhere for a decent rose gold watch.
Don't get me wrong I love my MK watch but that's too valuable to me to wear it on a daily basis.
So I got this rose gold watch to wear it everyday and I won't have to worry about the scratches
because it's not a $400 watch.
I mean come on $400 watch vs $35 watch.

Gray Knit Shawl Cardigan - $90 American Apparel
Once in a blue moon I'll buy something from this store.
I guess it was a blue moon when I got it.
I have been eyeing this shawl cardigan ever since it came out.
I must say I do not regret buying this cardigan!
It's comfy, soft, warm and light! 
Pretty much goes with anything.
I mean if you're going to wear it everyday then it's worth the price! 
(quote by: Michelle A).

Left: Heather Crop Top Turtle Neck Long Sleeve - OG: $15 SALE: $3 H&M
I went to H&M because I was looking for a nice summer dress.
I ended up buying this LONG SLEEVE top. 
How ironic eh? 
It's summer now but I purchased a long sleeve top, weird how my spending habits are.
Although I can't really complain because the weather over here is like a girl who keeps changing her outfits!
(great analogy/simile eh?) 

Right: 3 Gold Lace Ring Set - $3 H&M
I apologize for my hideous hands and nails.
They would be painted but I chipped/broke most of my nails so I'm waiting it out until they grow out!
I don't know what's wrong with me and rings.
I've been purchasing a lot of rings lately.
Oh well I can't really complain, I love this set!

So that's it for my purchases!
The next purchase post you lovelies will see will be sometime in August.
My next post will be an outfit video :)!

Friday, July 4, 2014

English Bay

I think I'll be posting some pictures from my past hangouts.
First one: English Bay w/ Levi
This was during the week of our last class in Anthropology(great class... sorta). We went to the Designer Sale and just decided to go to English Bay. We were tourist for about 5 minutes. I finally got my pictures with these statues though!!