Thursday, July 17, 2014


Hello lovelies!
What's crack-a-lackin'?!
Today is my only day off and then starting tomorrow I'm back on my busy schedule. Lately I've been working everyday just so I can save up money for my 'murica trip! Oh and also to pay for my tuition next year. I don't know I just thought if I'm making a lot of money I might as well help my parents by paying for my own tuition AND my phone bill. (Hello independence? Just kidding, I'm probably going to live with my parents till I'm 40 LOL).
On a much more serious note I'm going to BLOG BINGE LIKE CRAZY RIGHT NOW.

Japanese AYCE and Gelato at Science World Park
Love this Gelato place! Sooooo good!
I hope you guys can see it but it has 218 flavours!
Some outrageous flavours like curry and wasabi are included!
I got Blueberry Cheesecake & Hazelnut
Forgot what my girlfriends got
Here are the attempts for a selfie in the car
Not happening...

It was a really chill night. We just ate our gelato and sat on the grass just talking, catching up.


  1. I love gelato! I would be in heaven with 218 flavors! When I was in Europe they had a flavor called Speculoos. It was delicious! If you ever see it you should try it. Do you live in Canada?

  2. good times with friends one of the best feeling ever. :D and I love gelato one of my fave food, thats sure is a perfect combination!

  3. Amazing pictures! The ice cream looks delicious ;)

    Fashionalatic Blog

    1. Aw thanks girl, but it's just all iPhone quality hahah

  4. That Gelato place with 218 flavours is awesome ! I'm gonna try it if I have the chance. Even Baskin Robbins has only 31 flavours.

    1. Yes you should!
      But Baskin Robins is still pretty delicious!


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