Wednesday, July 23, 2014


How awkward. I said in my last post I'll be binge posting but that never happened. I think what happened was when I was waiting for the pictures to upload I was getting kind of sleepy? I think that day I had an 8 hour early morning shift. I was probably exhausted and fell asleep right after I posted the pictures up. ANYWAYS, before I go to sleep I wanted to do a post that I was meaning to do earlier. Like 3 weeks ago.

Usually I check my email at least everyday and I found this interesting email in my inbox! I got emailed by a man name Ondrej Winter, the founder/CEO of Fashioneto. Fashioneto is a social network website that connects people who are interested in fashion and want to share their passion and meet others who are just as passionate. It is also a website where you can purchase clothes of different styles based on the people you interact with! As of now the website is still under some construction since they are in the beta stage of developing.
At first I thought this email was sort of like a prank? However I got this feeling that I should reply which I did and I assure you all this is not a joke! This is a real website and Ondrej is a pretty cool guy! I have the opportunity to try Fashioneto and meet other people who kind of have a thing for fashion, like me! 
What I'm expecting out of this experience is to meet a variety of people who deal with their own sense of fashion and how this whole process of purchasing based on personalities and inspiration! 

I am really stoked to try Fashioneto and I am also very honoured that Ondrej personally asked me to be part of his "team." (I had no better word for that!)

I could probably go on and on about how psyched and ecstatic that I am about being part of this but I'll save it when I get to test it for myself! I'll be sure to blog about it and update you lovelies! 
When the time comes for Fashioneto to be open to everyone I hope you all take the opportunity to try it out! It looks very promising :)!

you can visit the website to learn more about him!
oh and like the Facebook page!



  1. Congrats! That's awesome that you get to be apart of their team! We need more fashionista websites! I'll definitely check it out!

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