Sunday, July 6, 2014

Mini Purchase #??

Sadly this will be my last mini purchase until my trip to the states in August! I am so freaking psyched for this trip because there are so many things I want to get. The only reason why I'm not buying anything anymore here is because it's cheaper! Oh and they also have way more stuff than we do!
Anyways let's get to the purchases shall we?

Rose Gold Watch - $35 Aldo
I've always been a fan of big watches.
If they're gold or silver its a plus.
If its rose gold however it's a bonus!
I have been looking everywhere for a decent rose gold watch.
Don't get me wrong I love my MK watch but that's too valuable to me to wear it on a daily basis.
So I got this rose gold watch to wear it everyday and I won't have to worry about the scratches
because it's not a $400 watch.
I mean come on $400 watch vs $35 watch.

Gray Knit Shawl Cardigan - $90 American Apparel
Once in a blue moon I'll buy something from this store.
I guess it was a blue moon when I got it.
I have been eyeing this shawl cardigan ever since it came out.
I must say I do not regret buying this cardigan!
It's comfy, soft, warm and light! 
Pretty much goes with anything.
I mean if you're going to wear it everyday then it's worth the price! 
(quote by: Michelle A).

Left: Heather Crop Top Turtle Neck Long Sleeve - OG: $15 SALE: $3 H&M
I went to H&M because I was looking for a nice summer dress.
I ended up buying this LONG SLEEVE top. 
How ironic eh? 
It's summer now but I purchased a long sleeve top, weird how my spending habits are.
Although I can't really complain because the weather over here is like a girl who keeps changing her outfits!
(great analogy/simile eh?) 

Right: 3 Gold Lace Ring Set - $3 H&M
I apologize for my hideous hands and nails.
They would be painted but I chipped/broke most of my nails so I'm waiting it out until they grow out!
I don't know what's wrong with me and rings.
I've been purchasing a lot of rings lately.
Oh well I can't really complain, I love this set!

So that's it for my purchases!
The next purchase post you lovelies will see will be sometime in August.
My next post will be an outfit video :)!

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