Monday, July 7, 2014

Random Outfits?

I told you my next post would involve an outfit video. What I didn't say was that it's pretty damn random. The landscape of the videos aren't consistent and the names of the outfits I given them are kind of weird. Oh well at least I'll have more space on my phone now that three videos are gone!

Song: Moments - Giraffage

Something Girly
Tan Spring Jacket - XXI
Basic White Tee - H&M
Floral Pink n' Orange Skirt - Zara
Knock Off Birkenstock Sandals - Walmart
Retro Sunnies - XXI
Reptile Texture Purse - H&M

I don't know why I called this "Something Girly"
It was probably the skirt.

The Odd One
Black with Cream Floral Button Up - Salvation Army
Charcoal Crop Top - H&M
"Ashy" Denim Shorts - Salvation Army
Brown Vintage Loafers - XXI
Reptile Texture Purse - H&M

I really suck at explaining the article of clothes I am wearing.
Black with cream floral button up? Like say what? 
Oh and "Ashy"??? 
Oh well, at least you guys can sort of tell what I'm saying... right!?

Vintage Sun
Navy Zip Up - (My Brother's)
Gray Sleeveless Button Up - Salvation Army
Black Harem Pants - XXI
Knock Off Birkenstock Sandals - Walmart 
Retro Sunnies - XXI

I feel like this is what my mum would wear back then, I guess that's why I called it vintage.
The sun in the name was because of the weather.
(I was kind of burning if I recall)
(Why was I wearing that? I was indoors the whole day!)

I hope you lovelies enjoyed this video =)!
Ciao for now <3


  1. I love the floral skirt in the first outfit! Zara always has great stuff!


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