Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Lately I've gotten a lot of comments on my hair. Majority of the comments I would get in a day were
  • "wow your hair is so long!" 
  • "your hair looks amazing!"
  • "dang your hair is so long!"
Along with the comments/compliments were followed up with questions such as
  1. How long have you been growing it?
  2. Doesn't it get in the way? 
  3. Are you planning to cut it? If so are you going to donate your hair to help those who have Cancer?
I want to make a post on how long I've been growing my hair and basically the background of me growing it. 1) I have been growing my hair ever since JULY 3, 2014. So a little more than a year. This is what I looked like.
(I got the date from the properties of this image)
On this day I got a haircut as well. 
I have been growing my hair before this haircut image ever since last summer as well!

Before my recent cut JULY 18, 2014 this is what my hair looked like!
I honestly didn't know I was growing my hair this long!
Even I'm astonished!
(Too bad I had no talent with my hands to utilize all this hair! LOL).


It's much shorter than this actually so here's an actual pic
Yeah that's how much they cut off!
Keep in mind all the hair they cut off without the ponytail ;)

2) YES! My hair was always in the way! I hated it! When it reached passed my chest I was constantly tying my hair up in high ponytails or ridiculously messy buns! Honestly I should be used to it because this isn't my first time growing my hair that long! 
I KID YOU NOT, back in elementary my mum forced me to grow my hair long to donate to the Cancer foundation for those patients who have lost their hair so they can make a wig! At first I was reluctant because growing your hair is such a pain the butt! However I pulled through and my hair actually reached my calves! I cut my hair for Confirmation(that was in grade 7). So technically I was growing my hair back then for at least 7 years(8 if you include pre-k). I am kind of fed up with long hair so I might just stick with my current length right now. Some people say it's too short but I mean, if you like it, rock it! It's you who is going to be in that lifestyle. Don't appeal to others, only to yourself.

3) As you can tell with the picture above, yes I am donating my hair to the Cancer foundation again! When the lady asked me if I was going to donate it I said yeah! (Initially I wasn't going to but then my mum the day before I told her I was going to cut my hair told me to bring it home so we can donate it again!). 

Anyways I am loving my hair right now! The only downfall it's still not long enough to curl, but it'll get there :)! Hope you enjoyed this post about my hair.
At first I wasn't going to do anything or post anything about my hair but this is the first time I've had short hair in 4 years? I thought it was pretty significant. Well... to me! 

Anyways reese's peaces<3 


  1. I love your hair! I donated my hair in the beginning of the year, so it's great to see that other people are donating their hair as well!

    Have a lovely day :)
    xo, Kathleen

    1. Thanks love :)!
      Might as well give what you can am I right?

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  3. You look great with your new hair!
    followed you on GFC, hope you can follow back ;)


    1. Thanks darling, of course I'll follow you back<3

  4. I'm actually growing my hair out to donate it also! I was going to cut it this summer but I want to get it longer. It's so freeing to get rid of all that hair.. I've been there. :)
    You look awesome!

    1. Woo-hoo! The endurance is worth it once you know your hair is going to a good cause!
      Thanks sweetie :*

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