Monday, August 11, 2014

Time for a Change - Erica James

Something that I'm getting back into is reading! I used to be a reader back in high school only because they had this program called Accelerated Reader where everyone in the school has to meet a minimum of points and it's worth 8% of your English mark. Ever since then I've been reading books from left to right. After I graduated I became lazy to pick up a good novel with a cup of tea and just read. However I just got back from my road trip and I brought two books with me. I finished one and I'm on my second one where I'm halfway through it.

The first book that I finished is called:
Time for a Change by Erica James
The book is pretty beaten up and that's only because I got it at a Second Hand Book Store!
I love going to those Second Hand Book Store because they sell novels that are usually $20-30 for 99 cents.

Time for a Change is about a woman name Hilary who discovers a secret about her husband: David that can ruin her marriage. She finds out that her husband is having an affair and doesn't know what to do. Turning to her friends and family for advice they give her two options
1)Ignore it
2)Confront it.
The novel follows Hilary on her dreadful journey keeping this horrible secret just to save her marriage.

What I really liked about this novel was the whole cheating aspect and Hilary ignoring it. I don't know why but I'm kind of a fan of cheating movies/books ONLY because I want to see how they act and how they will get their justice and respect back from their spouse/partner. 
Some things I didn't enjoy about this book was that it kept jumping characters. In one chapter it would be about Hilary and the next chapter it would be about a different character(e.g Cindy[the neighbour she confided in who shares the same fate that Hilary is going through]). I also didn't appreciate the ending of the novel. I thought it was pretty random on what happened between the characters and some events in the novel weren't really necessary. In fact I thought they were totally irrelevant to the plot. 

I had heard good things about Erica James and I know this isn't one of her best books but I don't regret reading it because in fact it was interesting on how Erica portrayed Hilary. It's not a common thing that any person would just turn a blind eye on their cheating partner.

Out of 5 I give it 2.5/5!

Let me know if any of you guys read this book or read any other books from Erica James!
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