Thursday, September 18, 2014

Long Time

Hola! Bonjour! Hello!
It's been a long time since I've blogged hasn't it? It's that time of the year again where everyone is back to school and sadly I fall under that category of everyone. But wait, wasn't I in school in summer and I managed to blog? Yes indeed I was, however the number of courses have increased and the difficulty of these courses is, let's say, five times harder. However, don't fret my beautiful friends! Just because school is occupying most of my time doesn't mean I won't blog here and there. I do have some spare time on certain days and on those certain days I told myself I would blog, tend to my needs with beauty/fitness, DIY projects and of course resting. I had to make a timetable for myself this semester only because I'm really bad at time managing. You'd be surprise on how well you follow it after you create one! Although today isn't my spare time to blog I'm doing it anyways. Why? Because I was supposed to be at work, however I caught some nasty flu or bug and I've been sick for weeks. I'm getting better, I hope.

ANYWAYS that's enough of catching up time with me. I want to get to the actual business of this post. Which is: books!
My last two post was about me doing a book review on "Time for a Change" by Erica David. At the end of my review I said I would do an upcoming review on "Objects of Worship" by Claud Lalaumière! I have exciting news for my fellow book lovers who want some good reads! I finished this book AND I managed to finish another book "Life of Pi" by Yann Martel! So this will be a two in one book review!
(Brace yourselves, I think this will be long)

Objects of Worhship - Claud Lalumière
First of all I want to say this is not an ordinary book(it's a good thing). 
If you guys are into dark fantasy and twisted(in a good way) stories then pick up this book!
Objects of Worships contains twelve short stories that dive into different categories such as religion and god, humanity and relationship, natural environment, animals and zombies.
I was a little skeptical about reading this because of the word zombies in the synopsis but I found myself enjoying the two short stories that contained zombies.
It was hard not to turn a page when I was holding this book.
I was intrigued. From the beginning of the book to the end my curiosity of what story was about grew more and more as I completed each of the twelve stories.
Claud's writing is very unique and sophisticated.
The tone is pleasing to read and never a dull moment.
Claud knows how to end his stories with a nice finish, not allowing it to be too long.
Be warn though it's not your everyday fiction book.
Like I said it's a dark fantasy with twisted ideas!

Life of Pie - Yann Martel

I've always wanted to read this book. I remember two years ago I was searching for a pdf file because I was too cheap to actually buy the book.
Lucky for me my friend bought it and lent it to me(this was still two years ago).
Fast forward to now I just finished the book today and started five days ago.
I probably would've finished earlier but I only read when I'm travelling to school/work or anywhere.
Anyways I watched the movie before reading the book and I got to say I'm glad I did or I would have been kind of disappointed.
Like all movies it left out key scenes that I thought were important.
The movie is vague from my memory but by reading the book, it brought back to life of some of the scenes in the movie that were stored in my head.
Yann Martel's writing is extraordinary. My eyes followed every word and I didn't skim anything. I was infatuated how he described Pi's journey on the boat with the tiger.
He made it seem so real, picturing in my head was easy.
Like Objects of Worship it made me want to turn the page.
I was surprised each page.
I cringed, I smiled, I laughed, I even teared up reading this novel.

There you have it folks.
Be prepared next book review is:
Don't mind my sheets or my ugly thumb. 

Catch you later mes amis<3