Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I finally got my hands on the Ben Nye - Banana Powder! After watching a bunch of YouTube guru's I decided to grab myself a bottle so I can test it and see what the whole rave about this product was. I didn't try it yet because I want to use it when I'm going out and hopefully I'll remember to use it tomorrow because I am going out. A lot of make-up gurus have been crazy over this because the celebrity Kim Kardashian uses it on her face! She uses it for her highlighting and contouring part! If anyone is having troubles with using this product there are bunch of videos and even Kim's picture is helpful on where to put it on! It acts as a translucent powder so the lightness of this product won't show rather it'll blend and cover your dark circles under your eyes!
Don't fret for all my make-up lovers as an amateur I'll do a full review on this and also on the two foundations I bought for myself as a Christmas gift for surviving Semester 1!

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