Saturday, February 15, 2014


I've been trying to build a habit of taking a picture of my OOTD. So far its been successful!

Vintage Neutral
Left Picutre
Dark Green Jacket - Winners $80
Beige Sleeve Top - H&M $20
Black Harem Pants - XXI $13
Black Chunky Slip On Heels - H&M $30
Black Strap Purse - H&M $15
This type of style is ideal to wear during the day! Although I wore this at night
it didn't bother me because I was indoors the whole time!
Knockin' Off
Starting from Right Picture to Left
Dark Green Jacket - Winners $80
Beige Knitted Cardigan - Zara $60
White Basic Tee - H&M $6
Knock Off Disco Pants - H&M $40
Black Buckle Ankle Boots - XXI $10
Black Strap Purse - H&M $15
I called this Knockin Off because of the pants but also because this outfit
was inspired by one of my friend's outfit, Michelle A. 
I thought I would get natural light so I took it outside!

Gray Black
Right Picture
Gray Knitted Top - H&M $23
Black Basic Tank Top(underneath my gray knitted top) - H&M $4
Black Skirt - XXI $10
Black Knee High Socks - XXI $6
Yes, this was taken yesterday. 
I didn't know what to call this outfit so I just based it on the colours.

Replica of Gray Black
The only thing different here is that I'm wearing the shoes I would wear with this outfit!
Vintage Loafers - XXI $8

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