Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Earlier today I was watching a movie called "Odd Girl Out." I was trying to find a similar moving to "Cyberbully." I absolutely adored Cyberbully because I thought it perfectly executed one of the main issues of online bullying. This post is for uplifting all the victims who were bullied or who were bullies.

I myself don't have an experience with being bullied or being a bully. Yeah, I did tease people here and there but that was when I was young and I didn't know any better. I didn't expect any of my comments to hurt anyone and neither did they when they teased me back. As I got older I began to realize the importance of
"Think before you say"
I don't know how to stress that quote enough. I mean that quote is pretty self-explanatory. There's no analogies or metaphors or anything deep within that quote. That quote is just telling you to THINK before you SAY anything. No one really knows what it's like to feel the pain that you're inflecting them with your words. You may be joking and teasing but those words you throw at them can make them incredibly insecure. Who knows they may even already feel insecure about that. NO BODY loves to hear their flaws and be made fun of because of those. There's really no point in trying to bring someone down with you. I say that because people who are bullies are the ones who are down and low. They envy the ones they are bullying because they got everything going for them. That's what I typically learned from those two movies. I know some people when they tease they may not mean it but then again you're not having someone CONSTANTLY reminding you on why you should go on a "diet" or get surgery done to enhance some of your body features. You're not being told to die every single moment because you did something bad. It's not too late to turn back now and to try and mend those things with the person you've been bullying. Chances are that person would want your apology and MAYBE even be your friend. I don't know what more can I say to those bullies out there.
You're not being told to die every single time you see them. You're not the one feeling depressed everyday because of those ugly remarks you're saying to them. You're not the one who's going through all that bullshit. You're especially not the one who's strong.

To all you victims who were bullied,
You guys are strong, don't forget that at all. You guys are amazing and it's their fault for not seeing it. They only pick on you and try to hurt you because  they know you're above them. They shouldn't even try to bring you down with them because you know what? You're going to get back on top. You may go through hell trying to go through each day but those battles you're facing will make you stronger. Always keep your head up because you're beautiful, you're not overweight, you're an amazing person and best of all you're one of a kind. Don't let their jealousy bring you down, rather let it bring you up. Since they're bullying you they're thinking of you ALL THE TIME. Take that as a compliment. If they post something nasty about you always take screen shots and save it and report it when you think its necessary. BEST OF ALL: TELL SOMEONE. 
Telling someone will make your life a lot easier. If you want to stop feeling bullied then you got to tell someone. Don't hide behind anything. Don't let them scare you because they themselves are scared. They're scared to be caught that's why they're constantly reminding you. They may threaten you all they want and make fun of you all you want but you, yourself can end it. You can have your parents defend you all you want or hide behind your tears, but you yourself need to stand up for yourself. They bully because they know you let them and you got to be the strong person you are and stand up. Telling someone is going to make a difference and even talking it out. You may disagree with me but your parents will want to do anything in their power to stop their babies getting bullied. That's why your best bet is to tell someone like an adult. Those adults you tell probably have experiences with bullies so you never know. 

I don't know if I got through anyone or if I at least made some people realize. I feel like I'm going to redo a post on this. I know at least everyday I'm going to touch on issues or questions people have. I'm still trying to generate an asking site so people can straight up just ask me for advice.

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