Monday, February 17, 2014


Yesterday I had to go to work for a "mandatory" meeting. We call it a kick off meeting where we just discuss what's going on in the store and we made sure the staff knows what procedures and acronyms we need to know. I wasn't even supposed to go to the meeting because I was scheduled as "r/o"(request off) however it was money and we were given food so why not. After the meeting I went out with my coworkers for some bubble tea and pizza!

And here's an OOTD or I should say OOTN

Denim Night
Right Picture
Over-sized Denim Jacket - XXI $40
Beige Knitted Cardigan - Zara $60
White Basic Tee - H&M 
Black High Waisted Denim - Aritzia (Wilfred's) $90
Vintage Loafers - XXI $8
Brown Crossbody Purse - Coach (It was a gift from my mother)

This outfit was inspired by a picture I saw on Pinterest but the girl had her hair in a bun.
I was going to make my hair into a bun, a cute messy one but I had no time so I decided
a high pony tail would work!
My lovely coworkers and I going for a late night munching on pizza!

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